Variant CJD vCJD Thalamus and Peri Aqueductal Grey arrow
vCJD FLAIR arrows
vCJD T2 sagittal
Iatrogenic CJD iCJD all Basal Ganglia and thalamus
iCJD hGH atrophy and caudate left
iCJD T2 axial
Sporadic CJD DWI sCJD basal ganglia
Typical sCJD basal ganglia

DWI subtle cortical
Fig 1 Axial FLAIR sCJD arrows
Fig 2 Axial FLAIR vCJD arrows
sCJD T2 cortical
T2 axial Basal Ganglia sCJD
T2 sagittal sCJD
T2 sagittal sCJD (arrows)
Very asymmetric DWI and Cortex
Other Diagnoses Eastern equine viral encephalitis
Wernickes encephalopathy
Other images Movement artefact sCJD
Normal FLAIR

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